GreenspeedのGT3やGT5やX3やX5、ICEのVortexやSprintやAdventure、TW-BentsのMantisやTrident、HPVelotechnikのScorpion FXやGekko FXなど、今や折りたたみトライクは結構発売されているのですが、折りたたみトライク用の輪行袋って見たことがありません。やはり3輪だと折りたたんだとしても、形が普通の自転車とはだいぶ違うので、輪行できない訳ではないにしろ、専用品があってもいいのではないかと思っていました。

Radical Design - Products

If you have a foldable trike, this is your product. This transport cover, a small package when folded, fitting easily in your saddlebag, accommodates all brands of folding trikes. Did you do some cycling and now you want to go home by public transport, or do you have to put your muddy Trike in the clean boot of your car down, the Trike bag is the answer. The included adjustable shoulder strap passes through slots in the bag and is attached directly to the trike frame, avoiding the fabric to wear out under the weight of the trike. Several zippered pockets can accommodate wheels, pedals or other parts.
Size: 115x93x30cm, weight 1240 grams

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